Activism in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Life with Down Syndrome

As they talk about themselves, they talk about us

About the status of people with disabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, their challenges and perspectives

Curtural Activism

One museum cannot change the world

We spoke with Director Elma Hasimbegovic of the Historical Museum of B&H

How the Neretvica River was preserved

People on the bridge

This story and these people are an inspiration for many environmental movements in the region

Peace activism

A symbol of resistance against ignorance

Edin Ramulić and Branko Ćulibrk from Prijedor speak about the White Armband Day, commemorative practices in Bosnia and Herzegovina and peace activism

Journalism and activism as a calling

They will come for us first

What are journalism and activism for journalist and activist Vanja Stokić? Where does the announced law on defamation and the law on register of non-governmental organisations in the Republika Srpska entity lead?